Why You Both Must Commit to Commitment

Marriage is about two people who want to be together. Not one dragging another down the aisle to fulfill a dream. Both must want to be there and both must be committed. 

Why You Both Must Commit to Commitment

Commitment is hard for some people. Deciding to get married and stay married means that you have made a commitment to your partner. But this commitment must come from both people in the relationship; otherwise the marriage is doomed from the start. When couples are committed to each other they have a greater chance of coping with all the challenges marriage will throw at them. They are more likely to work through their problems and have a healthier marriage. 

Choosing to spend the rest of life with one person (because that’s what marriage is) means sticking by that person in the good times and the bad times. Getting married is a public declaration of your love and commitment to each other. This declaration is accompanied by a legal, binding document. If you think getting married is only about your big day in the spotlight and you haven’t considered the consequences of the union you have made, you could be in for a shock. Marriage starts after the wedding day and if you aren’t committed to making it work, your big day will be for nothing. 

Once you have married, you have committed to be with one person in a legal sense. There are many reasons why people don’t want to commit to this legal union: loss of freedom and personal space, monogamy, inability to compromise, inability to share your true self with another, lack of trust (this could be caused through a previous bad relationship) or they just aren’t ready yet to make a commitment. If one or both partners feel any of these issues are holding them back from committing to the relationship, then the relationship may not be worth pursuing. 

Commitment is made up of two parts. Firstly, being committed to another person in marriage means you are dedicated to them. You want to put their needs before yours and consider them first in your relationship. Secondly, commitment also refers to the idea of restraint. Restraint will keep you in the relationship even when things aren’t going so well. Both partners must be dedicated to each other and they must exercise restraint. Commitment to each other will nourish a marriage. It helps build trust and faith in one another. If only one partner is dedicated and constrained in the relationship, then only one partner is committed. This marriage is in trouble. 

Being committed means giving of yourself, not being selfish and trusting your partner and the strength of your relationship. Committed couples have strong health marriages that will go the distance.

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