Traditional Wedding Toasts

If you’re thinking about giving a wedding toast, but are finding yourself a little short of ideas on what exactly to say, give yourself a break and look at some traditional wedding toasts instead of the newer and snazzier wedding toasts.

Traditional wedding toasts are traditional for a reason. They work. And they do the job of conveying to the bridal couple just how you feel, and has the added benefit of being sincere if delivered properly.

Traditional Wedding Toasts

Just because the trend these days is to break away from all things traditional and strike out on your own, you don’t need to follow in these decidedly murky footsteps. Let’s face it, not everyone can be innovative and give totally great wedding toasts that are also original. That’s probably asking too much of a person whose knees are knocking together at the mere thought of having to give a toast.

Besides, most of the innovative wedding toasts that we hear these days will most likely become the traditional wedding toasts of the future, so if you find a trendy new wedding toast and can pull it off with the correct amount of humor, warmth and panache, then go for it.

But if you feel more comfortable being yourself and conveying your best wishes and joy in your own words, then don’t be afraid to make use of the traditional wedding toasts to suit your own ends. The trick here is to take the traditional wedding toasts and rearrange them around to suit you, your normal mode of speech and the wedding itself.

Another thing that you will find with traditional wedding toasts is that you will rarely go wrong with one. After all who can fault a generously given, “May all your troubles be small ones; may all your dreams come true; and may your days be filled with love, light and laughter.”

Everyone likes these types of wedding toasts and you know that you can’t go wrong with traditional wedding toasts such as that. Feel free to add a few words beforehand if you want to make it more personal, but remember to keep it short. This is a toast after all, not a speech.

So although trendy and innovative might be the watchword of the day, if you’re one of those individuals who finds it difficult to string two words together coherently when faced with a situation where you have to speak out in front of a group of people, stick with the traditional wedding toasts. Remember, they’re traditional because they work, and that’s really what you want – a good wedding toast that sounds just right.

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