Tips for Keeping the Love in Your Marriage

There are two things to keep in mind if you want to keep the love in your marriage. Firstly you have to work through any problem that might be there and then you need to find some creative ideas to get the romance flowing again.

 Tips for Keeping the Love in Your Marriage

Realize that your marriage isn’t going to be hot all the time. Unfortunately routine can make any relationship mundane. Add to that any issues that challenge your love for your spouse and there is no room for romance. Your relationship needs to be tended regularly, just like a garden. Make your spouse your number one priority. Always discuss your problems when they come up. Ask your partner if anything is bothering them and discuss all issues honestly. If you keep the air clean between you, there’s a lot more energy left for loving each other. Its an old saying, but never go to bed angry with each other. As a couple and individuals, be prepared to try new things. This will keep boredom out of your relationship. Often its hard to find the time to try new things, but it is important for the growth of your relationship.


Now if you’re relationship is ready for some romance, here are some tips:


  1. Let your partner know that you are thinking of them during the day. Send them flowers for no reason; leave them love notes to find during the day. Drop in unexpectedly at the office for a lunch date. Buy them a present and have it gift wrapped. Don’t let them open it until the kids have gone to bed.


  1. Set a date night on a regular basis, whether it be once a week, or a month, keep this day special and look forward to it.


  1. If you find yourselves alone put on some music that meant a lot to you when you were dating. Play your wedding song and dance, remembering how you felt about each other on your wedding day.


  1. Find an interest to do together. It could be cooking lessons or taking a gym class together. Practice what you’ve learnt at home.


  1. There are many mundane tasks to do around the house. Do them together! You’ll get them done quicker and who knows what cleaning the shower could lead to.


  1. If you have a swimming pool, go for a late night dip or an early morning skinny dip with your partner.


  1. If you can get someone to look after the kids, go for a weekend away to some romantic resort. Let yourselves be pampered and enjoy being just the two of you again.


  1. Learn how to give massages. Giving your partner a back rub not only shows them that you love them, but it eases tension, relaxing your partner.


  1. Say I love you every day, as many times as you feel the need.


  1. And don’t forget to show your partner affection when in public. It could be just holding hands or a kiss on the cheek, but being public with your spouse and your affection, will help keep the love in your marriage.
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