Review Your History, What Needs to Change?

How happy are you in your marriage. Are your needs, both emotionally and physically being met? If not, then things probably need to change. Aspects that may need working on include the following:


  1. How is your sex life? Is it dull and boring or non-existent? If so, how can you spice up your love-making? Do you want to change this aspect of your marriage? Make sure you discuss all your needs with your partner.


  1. Do you know your partner or have you drifted so far apart that you are like strangers? If you and your spouse have stopped communicating then you are in trouble. If you aren’t aware of what is happening in your partners life and you feel they aren’t sharing themselves with you any more then this needs to change.


  1. Maybe you are communicating but it is always in a negative way. Do you constantly argue? Are you forever nagging your partner or criticizing everything they do? If this sounds like your relationship then you will need to find ways to turn your negative communication strategies into positive ones. If the situation seems hopeless, perhaps professional counseling is the answer.


  1. Do you appreciate your partner? Does your partner appreciate you? If either of you feel unappreciated then this aspect of your marriage needs work. Showing appreciation means giving respect to the other person. If you don’t show that you appreciate someone then how can they feel of value?


  1. Being able to express your individuality within a relationship is important but not to the extent that it will damage the bond. If you really don’t like your partner walking around nude you must tell them. On the other hand your partner may not like your penchant for Star Wars figures, especially when they are your main decorating feature. You must be able to compromise in your relationship and if you can’t then this needs to change. A marriage isn’t all about one person getting their way all the time and the other person being the yes man.


  1. Have you or your partner let your appearance go? It is fine to be comfortable but at some stage you should feel that you are still attractive to your partner and vice versa. If you have let your standards slip with your appearance and/or personal cleanliness you may be turning your spouse away. No one is saying you need to be perfect, but not caring for yourself may indicate a lack of respect either of yourself or your partner.


Look carefully at all aspects of your marriage and see what needs to change. Change should always be for the good of a situation and usually needs a degree of compromise from both parties.

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