Little Sister Poems

Ah, the joys of little sister poems recited at weddings. Can you really get enough of it? The question is, more to the point, if you’re the little sister in question, do you really want to recite, or have recited to you, a poem at a wedding. In my opinion, and being the littlest sister in question I can state emphatically that no, I do not want any of these things happening to me.

Having been forced to recite a little sister poem on the occasion of my oldest sister’s nuptials, I then lived in hope that I wouldn’t have to do the same for my other two sisters. My hope was in vain, and amazingly short. Especially the time when I pretended to have laryngitis!

Little Sister Poems

I’m not like my sisters, or indeed any other female in my family, and detest with a vengeance anything that comes even close nauseatingly sappy. Had I been given the choice I would have been glad to give a rousingly good speech that did not resort to any sap. I was not so lucky.

Little sister poems are all good and well, as long as you hit just the right blend of happy sentiment and maybe even humor. And the best part is, you don’t even have to think up any of the nicely sentimental lines yourself. A verse from here, and another from there, and something which has meaning to the bride or groom in question, is all that is needed to make really good little sister poems.

And now that it is my turn to walk down the aisle, all I can say is that I live in dread at what type of little sister poems I’m going to have to listen to. Hopefully it won’t become too mushy and will be something I can live with, but then again, since I know it’s coming from the heart, I do believe that it will work out quite nicely regardless.

It should also be noted here for all you little sisters out there, whether you are going to be on the receiving end of these little sister poems, or whether you are going to be doling it out, remember that it might be sappy, but it’s all done for the sake of love, and in the end nothing beats that. So say your piece, or listen quietly, and revel in the knowledge that your family cares enough about you to go to such extraordinary lengths.

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