Learn to Respect Each Other

Respect means to hold someone in high esteem or to value them as a person. If you don’t respect your partner then you don’t value them, and in essence you don’t value your relationship with them. How do you learn to respect them and what they bring to the marriage? Answer the following questions: Do you admire your partner? Are you proud of them and their achievements? Do you want to talk about them to your friends and family? Are you considerate of your partner? Do you value their opinion on a wide array of subjects?

Learn to Respect Each Other

If you answer yes to all of these questions then you already respect your partner. Fabulous! If you didn’t answer yes to any or some of the questions, you must learn to respect your partner more. Every individual contributes to the world just as each partner contributes to the relationship. Their contribution needs to be acknowledged and appreciated. Here are some easy things you can do to show or increase your respect for your partner:


  1. Say thank you to your spouse for anything they do for you. Even if it’s a mundane task such as hanging out the wash or mowing the lawn, thank them. The fact that they carried out that task means that you didn’t have to. Definitely worthy of thanks!


  1. Ask your partner about their day. If your partner doesn’t work that doesn’t mean their day was empty. Talk to them about what happened in their day and make them feel worthwhile.


  1. Discuss your partners hopes and dreams for the future. Valuing a persons aspirations shows respect to them as a person. Tell them about your hopes and dreams as well.


  1. Never make derogatory comments about your partner to family, friends and work colleagues. This is a definite sign of lack of respect. Always talk about them in a positive manner.


  1. Show your partner you have been thinking of them during the day. That doesn’t mean you have to send them flowers every day. A quick phone call or email or text message will suffice. You could even drop a love note in their briefcase for them to find during the day. Finding the time to show your love is a measure of respect for your partner.


  1. If you do say something negative to your spouse, always follow it up with some positive comments. Show them you care about them and aren’t always putting them down. Demonstrating care and love are signs of respect.


  1. Ask your partners opinions on different topics, whether they be household matters or current affairs. Showing that you value their opinion is a sign of respect.


  1. Listen to your partner. Don’t ignore or tune out when they are speaking. Showing interest is a sign of respect.
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