Learn How to Compliment Each Other

You love your partner, right? There are so many things about them that make you feel good or that please you so you let them know these good things, don’t you?  Everyone needs to be complimented. Everyone needs to be thanked. But most of all, everyone needs to know they are appreciated; whether it be in our jobs, our home life, our hobbies. We all need to know that the effort we are putting in has been noticed. If not, we can begin to feel like a nobody or a doormat. If you aren’t complimenting your partner on a regular basis then you should start now, right this minute. Here are some things that you can compliment your spouse on:

 Learn How to Compliment Each Other

  1. The way they look. Does your partner make the effort to look nice every day? Do you ever tell them how much you appreciate this? Have you noticed their new hair style or the shirt they bought? Let them know you appreciate the way they look.


  1. Household chores should be acknowledged and appreciated. Does this mean you should thank your partner for the meals prepared? Yes, it does. What about all the effort that is put into keeping the garden neat and tidy? Let your partner know you are aware of all the hard labor and really appreciate having a lovely looking yard. It’s the mundane things you do every day that often go unnoticed. If you thank your partner for their efforts, they will enjoy these compliments.


  1. If you ask your spouse to change a behavior or do something extra around the house, such as help with the laundry, make sure you compliment them on their endeavors. Even if they don’t do it as well as you do, don’t criticize. Be thankful someone else has hung out the washing, leaving you more time to do something else.


  1. Words aren’t the only way to compliment your partner. You can send your loved one a card, write a love note or have flowers delivered. Surprise them with a small gift when it’s not their birthday or anniversary. Take them out for an I Appreciate You dinner. There are many ways we can let our spouses know how much they mean to us. Just make sure you get involved in letting them know!


  1. If someone pays you a compliment, don’t be embarrassed or brush it aside with it was nothing or it's just part of my job. A simple thank you is all you need to say to acknowledge a compliment. But when it comes from your partner think about the way you compliment them. Are you showing your appreciation of them? If not, you'd better start complimenting them on all the wonderful things they bring to your marriage.
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