Is Your Job Ruining Your Marriage?

Our work puts many different stresses on us, affecting our health and at times, out loved ones. Look at the points below to see if your job is ruining your marriage:

 Is Your Job Ruining Your Marriage

  1. Are you unhappy in your job? If you hate your job your stress levels will be higher than usual. Facing an uncomfortable situation every day can impact on every aspect of your life. You may be shutting yourself off from your family or taking out your unhappiness on them.


  1. Are the pressures of work so demanding that you have to spend long hours tied to your desk? Or is this just an escape from an unhappy situation at home? If you are spending more and more time at the office and away from your partner they will be feeling neglected. If there is an underlying problem you need to bring it out in the open so your partner knows what is going on. If your work is so demanding you might need to look at ways to cut back on hours if you want to save your marriage.


  1. Do you bring your job, or the pressures associated with it, home? The pressures associated with your job may be hard to escape. If you bring them home, are you discussing the problems with your partner or are you shutting them out? Your partner more than likely would like to help ease your burden so if you do bring your work pressures home with you, talk to your spouse about them. If it’s more work you have to do at home, set aside a specific amount of time to do it then leave it, unless you have a deadline. If it only happens occasionally your partner will probably understand, but if you are doing it every night and neglecting your duties as part of a household, especially if you are a parent, then your partner may become resentful.


  1. Is travel a large part of your job? If so, it could also be ruining your marriage. The partner who is left at home constantly, having to shoulder all the responsibilities of home and family may become bitter. Consider this if you think your job will have excessive travel commitments. Discuss the issue with your partner before you take on such a role and listen to their concerns if your constant absence becomes overwhelming for them.


  1. Have you recently lost your job? Your self-esteem may be taking a battering if you no longer are contributing to the household budget. Losing your job and not being able to find another one will be a challenging situation in any marriage, even in the happiest of relationships. Both partners must be patient and supportive in this environment for the relationship to survive.


Remember that stresses of work can feel less if you share your problems with your spouse. You’ll be much happy and healthier if you don’t make the mistake of letting your job take over your whole life.

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