How Facing Problems Together Can IMPROVE Your Marriage

A problem shared is a problem halved as the saying goes, and nowhere is this more true than in your marriage. What do you do when there is a problem in your relationship? Do you yell at your partner, demanding your needs be listened to and met? Or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, do you bottle it up and keep your hurts and problems inside? Neither of these scenarios is healthy, for you or the marriage.

 Facing Problems Together Can IMPROVE Your Marriage

If you or your partner have a problem, it has to be shared. The problem may be within your marriage or it may be from an outside influence but one that is causing you grief. Whatever the source, the stress you are feeling from the weight of the problem can be relieved if you share the problem with your spouse.


Firsty, if the issue you have is one that concerns your partner or events within your marriage, you need to bring it out in the open. How can your partner know you don’t like how they discipline the children if you don’t tell them? You both may have concerns with the same problem and not realize it. Once you have talked about the problem, finding a solution may be easier than you expect and the result of working together towards a common goal will bring you closer together. Solving a problem usually means you have to talk to your partner. Communicating with your partner in a positive manner is the quickest and most effective way to improve your marriage.


If you are having a problem with an outside issue, for example your boss at work is pushing you to unrealistic expectations, you will be feeling quite stressed. If you haven’t been able to discuss this with your partner (for any number of reasons), you probably are bringing your stress home with you and dumping it on your family usually without realizing it. Now is the time to talk about what is bothering you with your partner. Let them know how much pressure you are under. Perhaps they can provide a solution for you or take on more household duties while you are under this much pressure. If you let your partner take part of your problem you will be surprised how much better you’ll feel.


Letting your partner into your world completely means sharing all aspects of yourself, the good and the bad. Working together when problems arise will teach you many things about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Learning how you cope in difficult situations and sharing the joy of success will help you grow together, improving your relationship.

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