How Can YOU Become a Better Marriage Partner?

So you’ve decided it’s time you pulled up your socks and started contributing more to your relationship. You want to be a better marriage partner but what can you do to improve? Plenty of things! Here are some tips to get you on the road to being a successful spouse.

 How Can YOU Become a Better Marriage Partner

  1. Put yourself in your partners shoes. How does it feel to be at the office all day? Or at home consumed by domestic chores. What if you both work - do you do your share of the household duties so both partners carry an equal load? Try and see your relationship as your partner would see it. You may find that you could do a lot to make their life more pleasurable.


  1. Let you partner know you love them. Show your feelings in different ways like a foot rub, a love letter, an unexpected kiss, or holding hands while shopping. If you take for granted the love between you, you may forget to express it on a regular basis. Show your partner how much you really care.


  1. If your partner is always the one to initiate intimacy, surprise your partner by doing the seducing! Don’t let your sex-life become boring by waiting for your partner to be inventive. There’s nothing to stop you from taking the upper-hand and adding a bit of spice to the bedroom.


  1. Complimenting your partner will increase their self-esteem. This is something you can do on a regular basis and costs nothing! Compliment them on their looks, their clothes, the way they tackled a particular problem or their choice of movie. It doesn’t matter.

Complimenting a person shows them you enjoy who they are.


  1. If your partner wants some alone time don’t take offense. We all need space so give it to them willingly, in fact, suggest they take a few days off from their busy schedule and have a mini-break. Letting your partner know you understand their needs shows respect and trust is in your marriage.


  1. When you do carry out a good deed for your spouse, do it because you want to, not because you want to be thanked for it or appreciated more. Being altruistic in your actions shows you are committed to the relationship.


  1. Let your partner know if something is bothering you. Keeping your emotions to yourself not only makes you feel bad but doesn’t let your spouse into your world. Share your thoughts and feelings to become a better communicator in your marriage.


Now you have some ideas on how to start being a better partner. I’m sure you can think of many more. Enjoy the growth in your relationship as you improve your contribution to the partnership.

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