Finalizing Wedding Plans

When it’s almost time for your wedding, you need to be making some last-minute plans to make sure everything is in order.  You should be contacting and confirming the date and time with all of the vendors, and making sure everything is ready.

Finalizing Wedding Plans

Make sure everything is ready in your new home if the two of you are living separately prior to the wedding.  Ensure that all utilities are hooked up, and furniture, dishes, sheets, towels, food, and other necessities are all available.

Prepare everything for the honeymoon.  Make sure you have the tickets ready.  Confirm hotel reservations.  Make sure your bags are packed, and pick up any additional clothing you may need if you’re going to a climate that is vastly different from your own.

You’ll need to meet with the wedding party to finalize plans.  Be sure everyone knows exactly what is expected of them, everyone has their clothing, and that all items they may need (such as ring pillows and flower baskets) are ready.

The seating chart should be gone over and finalized.  Anyone who hasn’t sent in their RSVP should be either confirmed or removed from seating charts if they were added on assumption.

Any final arrangements should be made now.  If you have anything left to order, you’ll want to write it down and get it done at least 4-6 weeks before the wedding to give it time to arrive.

The final weeks leading up to the wedding are always the most hectic.  In the previous months, you had plenty of time to plan and make arrangements.  As the date looms closer, you’ll need to make certain everything is ready.

If you need more help planning your wedding and sticking to a budget, click here to get a copy of my wedding planning guide.  You’ll find out exactly how I had a fantasy wedding on a very low budget!

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