Choosing a Wedding Cake Baker

Choosing a Wedding Cake Baker

A wedding cake can be one of those most expensive parts of a wedding.  Wedding cakes can cost several hundred dollars, and often range into the thousands!  They can take days to bake and decorate, so the cost isn’t all that unusual, but the cost can still be shocking.

I would advise interviewing a number of different bakers before you settle on one.  Ask to see their portfolio.  Most bakers will have a portfolio of cakes they have done in the past, so you can see if their style is a good match for the kind of cake you want.

If possible, ask for a tasting.  Many bakers will allow you to taste various types of cakes and frosting.  Remember, the wedding cake should look visually stunning, but taste is the bottom line.  If the wedding cake doesn’t taste as good as it looks, it will be a big disappointment to the entire wedding party.

Ideally, you should ask for the tasting before you settle on the type of cake you want.  If you have your heart set on a particular look, you may later find out that the flavor you really love wouldn’t work well for that type of cake.  For example, a cake that has fondant may not taste as pleasant as one with buttercream frosting.

Once you’ve decided on the flavor you like, you should then ask the baker for their advice about the type of cakes that would work well with your chosen flavor combination.  Describe what you think you might enjoy, whether you want a classic look or something more modern, colors you like, and the colors you’ll have at the wedding.

Finally, remember to interview multiple bakers.  You can often find a better deal just by shopping around.  Don’t settle on a baker without getting prices from at least three different people.

Need more tips for planning a fabulous wedding on a budget?  Click here to get a copy of my wedding planning book.  You’ll learn everything I did to plan a dream wedding on a very low budget!

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