Champagne Toast Wedding Speech

Champagne Toast Wedding Speech

At most weddings these days a champagne toast is very common and you will find that more often than not, there is more than one champagne toast happening. This is the time when friends and family get a chance to give their regards and best wishes to the newly married couple. 

Of course, this also depends to a very great extent on whether or not the wedding is a formal affair or not. If it is a very formal wedding, then you might find that certain people have already been given the task of making the champagne toast. Most of the time, a few people would have already been sounded out about making a champagne toast, just as some people would have been asked to give a wedding speech.

Then again, if the wedding is more along the lines an informal affair, then things will probably be flexible. This means that if a guest wishes to, they will be able to give a champagne toast. Most of the time, you will find that the wedding speeches are given after dinner before dessert, or just before dinner.

Toasts for the most part tend to be given at certain key points during the wedding reception and these can vary according to traditions and things, which the family might hold dear to them. However, that said, if you do want to give a champagne toast and you’re not too sure when is the best time to do so, you can always wait until someone starts off the round of toasts – someone always does.

The point of toast is to keep it short, and to the point. This means that you mustn’t ramble on ceaselessly and bore the guests to tears. If you have something to say then have your say, raise your glass and drink to your toast.

And this is also another point that you might want to keep in mind. Some people become so unnerved by the experience of standing up in front of so many people and giving a toast that they completely forget to drink to their own toast!

If you can feel an attack of nerves coming along at the mere thought of having to give anything even as short as a champagne toast, take deep calming breaths and paste a smile on your face.

Pretty soon the smile will start to become natural as the mere act of pretending to smile can bring a real smile to your lips. And since this is a champagne toast, you will want to make sure that you give the toast sometime after the bubbly has been popped.

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