Are You a Sensitive Marriage Partner?

Are you in tune with your partners moods and feelings? Are you aware when things aren’t right for them in their world? Or do you let your emotions rule the relationship, taking no account of how your partner is feeling?

 Are You a Sensitive Marriage Partner

Being aware of your partners feelings means being sensitive to their needs and this is an important facet of your marriage to have right from the start. If you aren’t sensitive to each other, this can be a sign of disrespect or selfishness. Remember there are two people in your marriage and both must be responsive to each others needs or the partnership isn’t equal. Answer the following questions to see if you are a sensitive marriage partner:


  1. Do you let your partner express their point of view in all discussions? Do you listen to what they are saying? If the answer is yes then you are off to a good start.


  1. Do you share your problems and feelings openly with your partner? Are they able to do that with you? Being able to share yourself fully in a marriage means the relationship has trust.


  1. Do you help your partner when things are hard for them? Do you know when they are having difficulties in areas outside the home? If you are sensitive to your partners moods then you will know when things aren’t right with them. Offer to listen and talk through all problems, whether they directly or indirectly affect you. Remember anything that affects your partner will have some influence on your relationship.


  1. Do you treat your partner with respect? Do you have respect for your relationship? If you value the relationship you have, you have a greater chance of understanding your partner and their needs.


  1. Are you fully committed and loyal to your partner? Not being truly dedicated in your relationship will mean that you are sensitive only to your own needs.


  1. Are you aware if your partner needs personal space? There are times in our lives when we need to be by ourselves and if you are aware of your partners moods then you will know when they need to be left alone.


  1. When your partner asks for affection do you give it? When they ask for help are you always ready to lend a hand? We all need someone to hug and a shoulder to cry on in tough times. A sensitive partner will provide both for their spouse.


It takes two to tango and being aware of each others needs will help you both to solve disputes and grow in your relationship. Being sensitive means you care about each other. Taking time to tune into your partners needs will strengthen your marriage.

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